< 750 sq. ft          $315.00
 751 -1000 ft        $345
1001-1500 ft        $415
1501-2000 ft        $450
2001-2500 ft        $490
2501-3000 ft        $540
3001-3500 ft        $580
3501-4000 ft        $615
4001-4500 ft        $665
4501-5000 ft        $715
5001-5500 ft        $765.00        
5501-6000 ft        $815.00    
> 6001 ft:              Call for a quote.

            Age factor:        Add $35 for homes older than 30 years
                                            Add $65 for homes older than 50 years
                                        Add $100 for homes older than 75 years

            Trip fee:            Add $40 for long-range trips (see "Towns Served" page)

FORECLOSURES:  min. charge $475.00
1500-2000 ft:    $550.00
 2000-3000 ft:    $650.00
 3000-4000 ft:    $750.00
 > 4000 ft:         Call for a quote.

COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS: typically $900 and up. Prorated for smaller buildings requiring less than one day of work. Call for a quote.

  • If included with inspection: $150.00
  • Independent test: $200.00
        Testing device: Sun Nuclear C.R.M., Model 1027 
    • US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) Verified
    • National Environmental Health Association National Radon Proficiency Program
    • (NEHA-NRPP) Listed
    • evaluated and approved by the National Radon Safety Board (NRSB)


RE-INSPECTIONS:    $200.00 & up. We perform re-inspections as time permits on our standard inspection calendar. We cannot commit to booking re-inspections on demand. This is to avoid losing money and to better serve our customer base.

REPORT DELIVERY: We deliver home inspection reports by e-mail or a web-hosting service on the same day as the inspection. Occasionally, reports are delayed for a maximum of three business days. Your report will meet or  exceed  all requirements of the state authority and the American Society of Home Inspectors (  

We deliver commercial reports by e-mail or a web-hosting service within five business days of the inspection. 

Payment: We accept the following payment methods:  cash, personal check, money order, cashier's check, debit card, and credit card (AMEX, Visa, MasterCard, Discover).  All fees are due in full at the end of the inspection. No deferred payments. 

Refunds/Returns/Cancellations:  We will issue a full refund to any customer who cancels within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment, regardless of the reason. Customers who cancel within 24 hours will receive a 75% refund. Any other refund request should be discussed with us personally, in keeping with the written contract that we present to all customers before their inspection. We deliver refunds within five (5) business days of the original appointment. 

Your privacy is assured when you do business with Betts Inspection ServiceWe will never release your personal information to unauthorized persons. This includes your name, property address, future address, e-mail address, telephone numbers, and financial information.  We will not release your inspection report to any third parties without your written permission. Maximum security protocols are in place at all times from our financial institution, First Citizens Bank, and from our e-commerce vendor (Authorize.Net).