How do I pay you?

Most customers pay online by credit card. You may pay onsite with cash or check, if you prefer. Your inspection report will not download until you pay the full fee.

Do I need to attend the inspection?

We strongly recommend attendance, but neither you nor your R.E. Agent are required to attend home inspections in N.C.

when do I get your report?

We send reports on the same day or evening as the inspection, and have done so for more than 25 years.

Do you provide repair estimates?

Never. We do in some cases provide an informal assessment of probable costs. Real-world estimates require careful study and calculation by a qualified local contractor.

Do I really need an inspection on a new house?

That is a fair question, and our answer may surprise you. Seldom do we see new houses in our area that exhibit major defects. Our state building code is now solidly based on the International Residential Code, which has ushered in many improvements in municipal inspection practices. In all probability, your local Building Official is a hard-working, competent person, and so are his field & office staff. Because of their careful oversight, almost all new houses in N.C. are safe, durable, and functional. Nevertheless, home inspectors do find enough shortcomings in new houses, often small but sometimes not-so-small, to justify the expense of our employment. Our inspection reports and counsel can make it easy for you to settle your new home purchase in confidence, and to approach your 12-month warranty date with a solid foundation of facts. You will find that most N.C. home inspectors go out of their way to make themselves available to you throughout the building process and also afterwards. No less than any other responsible contractor, we want to put you and your family in a safe home, a home that works the way the architect meant it to work, and we want your financial investment to endure.